Top 10 Global Telecom Operator selects CSG

Top 10 Global Telecom Operator Standardizes on CSG Mediation.

CSG International announced that one of the world’s top 10 global telecom operators, according to Total Telecom’s annual Global 100 report, has selected CSG as its preferred network data mediation solution provider. This latest agreement expands CSG’s current relationship with the operator and builds upon the positive results achieved using CSG Intermediate in the client’s operations in countries throughout Latin America. The operator expects to further leverage CSG Intermediate across its operations to support growing transaction volumes and its expansion into other regions of the world.

According to GSMA’s Intelligence research released in December 2014, smartphone penetration rates will increase in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to well over 50% by 2020, doubling or nearly tripling today’s levels. This rise in smartphone penetration rates will trigger an exponential increase in network transaction volumes, making this latest agreement fundamental to the operator’s growth strategy.

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