Training the customer

Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”
Jeffrey Gitomer.

Okay, so you’ve built an OSS, you’ve delivered loads of training and you’ve worked your way through UAT (User Acceptance Testing), achieving great feedback from the customer along the way. But now the customer takes over the reins. Are they ready? Are they able to take your OSS and deliver remarkable results for their organisation?

Sometimes OSS vendors/integrators deliver outstanding products that their customers just can’t use because they’re not armed with enough experience to use it in the heat of production.

Have you failed in your implementation? Maybe you’ve lived up to your contract, but you certainly won’t be making loyal customers, nor gaining their positive word of mouth.

I’ve seen at least a few OSS that have been perfect for the customer’s needs, but the customer just hasn’t been prepared to use the product at go live so the OSS has withered and died, negating all the blood, sweat and tears invested by the implementation teams along the way.

Customer training isn’t just an afterthought but should be seen as an apprenticeship.

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