Training with contextual data

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”
Harry S Truman

In recent blogs, “Data Architecture Levels” and “Testing Architecture Levels,” the need for contextually relevant data has been mentioned.

One of the other areas where contextually relevant data is essential, but very often ignored, is in training delivery.

For the purposes of creating generic, repeatable training packages to ensure efficient delivery of training, vendors are missing out on the opportunity to train in the customer’s voice. In many cases, the training is conducted on OSS that are quite foreign to the trainees, using data that is equally foreign to them, so they have no base platform on which to build their knowledge.

However, if the vendor builds the training around what the customer already knows (ie their naming conventions, network devices, services, business processes, organisational structures, key locations, etc) then they are giving the trainees a platform of knowledge on which to build.

The additional benefit of this approach (if feedback is noted by the trainer) is that the training sessions may actually be the first opportunity for the vendor / integrator to place the solution in the hands of real operational users and their feedback can help to fine-tune the solution for the real users.

Hopefully this isn’t the case, but it’s not uncommon for the customer’s project team to consist of intermediaries or team leaders from operational groups that may no longer be “on the tools.”

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