Transparency or Humiliation?

One man’s transparency is another’s humiliation.”
Gerry Adams

Social media gives everyone’s voice a loud-speaker. Sites like Wikileaks take the exposition of secrets to a new level. There is almost nowhere left to hide. But why hide? Transparency and honesty make customers and employees more comfortable and trusting in what you have to offer.

The CSPs have traditionally not wanted to expose any issues effecting service quality – “another man’s humiliation” to quote Gerry Adams.

In an interview of Mark Suster by Brian Solis, Mark ponders whether big businesses are currently run by a pre-digital generation that is still worried by humiliation and he’s waiting for the next generation of leaders to come through who will be inherently more transparent.

If business leaders won’t offer transparency, other forums will expose them. This will be equally true of network performance. If customers aren’t given visibility, they will find a way of getting it. To support the transparency push, OSS vendors will need to build the capability to externalise CSP data (which most do inherently anyway via APIs).

But is there also a niche for a product that stands at the edge of a carrier’s network and shines a light inside?

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