Upcoming “Inventory of the Future” webinar

Earlier in the year, Omdia commissioned Passionate About OSS to write a report about the future of network inventory. Not just how the tools themselves are changing, but how they might be used, the new ways of working that will be centred around them, how migration strategies are changing and much more.

Now in conjunction with Blue Planet, we’ll be conducting a webinar where we’ll discuss some of the concepts in the Inventory of the Future report. Actually, it’s not exactly just one webinar, as we’ll be hosting one in a North-America-friendly time and one in an APAC-friendly time. Hope you can join us at one of these events.

North America & EMEA
Thursday, September 8 | 9:00am ET / 3:00pm CET
Register here

Asia Pacific
Thursday, September 15 | 1:00 pm Sydney/11:00 am Singapore
Register here

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