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“…if you are a mobile network operator today, shouldn’t you focus your energy on what is the largest and fastest growing service on your network, which happens to not be profitable?
85% of the video traffic is OTT and you get little revenue from that. You are struggling to deliver an acceptable video quality for a service that is growing and uses already the majority of your resources and you have no plan to improve it.
Why aren’t we looking as an industry at creating a better wireless video network?

Patrick Lopez
on Core Analysis.

This is a really interesting perspective from Patrick Lopez. His extended blog (link above) is well worth a read too.

Just as Patrick hopes that, “Cloud, SDN, NFV, OpenStack, network virtualization, opendaylight, orchestration…” will hopefully focus on making the wireless and video combo a target area for standards development, how can OSS / BSS similarly contribute more value for their CSPs on this pain point?

Assuming video traffic continues to grow, as does wireless access to video, network build costs will continue to escalate, but if OTT is taking most of the revenue share, are these network build-outs viable?

Where can an OSS play a part? Cost-side (eg efficiency improvements)? Revenue-side (eg content supply, differential price of service quality)?

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