Would you believe that 70+ personas and 700 use-cases is NOT a definitive list for OSS/BSS tools?

Have you ever stopped to wonder who actually uses OSS and BSS tools? Or how many role types (personas) do you think interact with OSS/BSS? Then, to go a step further, have you ever wondered what they do with their OSS and BSS tools?

This was an itch we just had to scratch, so we decided to prepare a list of both, cross-linked, in one spreadsheet. We’ve decided to share it with the OSS/BSS community too.

Click on the image or here to go to the download page.

It’s only a starter list, but still contains over 70 personas and nearly 700 related use-cases. This just goes to show how comprehensive OSS/BSS solutions really are. If we decided to do a deep-dive on the use-cases (which we have for some products / personas in the past), then the use-case list would surely run into many thousands.

Some of the user types are sure to be blatantly obvious, including NOC operators, network designers and more.

Some of the use-cases are going to be equally obvious.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggested improvements. Who have we missed? What have we missed?

Similarly, if you’d like a more comprehensive use-case list prepared for your specific product, client, project, etc, then leave us a note and we’d be delighted to discuss with you further.


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