010 – Building Next-Generation Situational Awareness Operations Centres with David Nestic

You’ve possibly been inside a NOC (Network Operations Centre) and seen the video wall covered with network maps, activity / alarm / event lists and network health graphs. These OSS tools are the ultimate insurance policy for any organisation that runs a network. They help coordinate the activities to repair a network when the inevitable network outages and degradations happen.

Our guest in this episode, David Nestic, deeply understands the importance of these network assurance tools as well as the people and processes that are designed for them. David is the Digital and Technology Strategy Manager at nbn, Australia’s wholesale backbone supplier. David has the enviable task of making these solutions more effective, consistent and predictable for the operations teams that use them. Not just in the here and now, but also looking well into the future, using innovative approaches to turn network operations centres into next-generation situational awareness platforms.

David provides insights into the opportunities that are presenting for increased automation and predictive assessment, allowing operations teams to spend less time evaluating and more time resolving the big issues as they arise. He also describes the ways in which long-held approaches such as ITSM frameworks will need to be overhauled to keep pace with these disruptive technologies. He also draws upon parallels from his career journey across Applied Physics and Aviation into the network operations practices of the future.

For any further questions you may have, David can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-nestic-3926a527/

Disclaimer. All the views and opinions shared in this podcast, and others in the series, are solely those of our guest and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the organisations discussed.

PS. Apologies for the intermittent sound quality problems on this episode

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