$172B Revenue Loss

According to a research report published by Telco 2.0, telecom companies across the globe could lose up to $172 Billion in revenues from voice and messaging services [on a $375 billion base over the next five years].”
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In a nutshell, that’s $172B that won’t be available to be invested in big-budget transformational projects like OSS/BSS. Are the days of the mega-OSS over? If so, suppliers, integrators and operators will need to get used to working with much smaller budgets / salaries than before unless we all can contribute innovative revenue replacement models to the CSPs.

Or, does the OSS/BSS become the pivotal asset upon which major revenue and cost reduction benefits can be derived? The saving grace, as it were? This still requires innovation from all of us and includes looking for benefits that OSS can offer to a broader set of business units / customers.

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