AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations)

AIOps stands for Algorithmic IT Operations and is a new category as defined by Gartner research that is an evolution of what the industry previously referred to as ITOA (IT Operations and Analytics). We have reached a point where data science and algorithms are being successfully applied to automate traditionally manual tasks and processes in IT Operations. Now, algorithmics are being incorporated into tools that allow organizations to streamline operations even further by liberating humans from time-consuming and error prone processes, such as defining and managing an endless sprawl of rules and filters in legacy IT Management systems.

Algorithmic IT operations platforms offer increasingly wide and valuable sets of advanced analytical techniques. Although initially targeted at IT operations management use cases and data, they can also be applied by infrastructure and operations leaders to broader data sets to yield unique insights.

A goal of AIOps solutions is to make life better for us, but the line gets a bit blurry when humans interact with AIOps. The more advanced AIOps solutions will have neural-network technology built in that will learn from its operators, adapt and attempt to eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks.
Sai Krishna here.

Yesterday’s post talked about how to reduce a 150-person OSS implementation team down to just 1. The concept of AIOps, if taken to its proposed conclusion, could lead to large reductions in OSS support teams too. In theory, you put the system/s in place, seed them and then let them learn for themselves rather than having a team implement lots of logic rules.

In Gartner’s report, they detail the monitoring capabilities of the top AIOps tools, dividing comprehensive monitoring into 11 categories that include historical data management, streaming data management, log data ingestion, wire data ingestion, document text ingestion, automated pattern discovery and prediction, anomaly detection, root cause determination, on-premise delivery, and software as a service.”
This article from Loom Systems provides some really interesting perspectives on AIOps and the corresponding Gartner report.

For full disclosure, I have no financial interests in Loom Systems or Gartner, nor have I used the Loom Systems tools to be able to promote or deride their market offerings.

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