Big ticket OSS (part 2)

Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get.”
Nelson Boswell

In yesterday’s blog, we spoke of the imperative of providing a perception of having added more value to the CSP than the OSS has cost.

If you’re an integrator, when you finish off your OSS projects, what unexpected value-add can you easily throw in for free to give the customer an unexpected surprise at handover? For example, the OSS equivalent of a car mechanic throwing in a free car wash after servicing their customer’s car.

Here are but a few ideas for a free gift (for the organisation, not the individuals especially in case the CSP (or the governing jurisdiction) has anti-corruption laws in place):

  • An additional product module and/or capabilities than had been paid for. This could include throwing in a free app if you have smartphone / tablet versions of your OSS solution
  • Additional devices or device types brought under management
  • Additional automations that make life easier for the CSP’s new users
  • Training that is beyond the contractual scope of the project
  • Developing relationships and promotions with the CSP’s other suppliers, which could be in the form of giving a supplier’s voucher for a percentage off the CSP’s next purchase, or some other tangible benefit

What other ideas can you think of that might blow the CSP away?

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