BSS role in the death of democracy

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill.

Did that title grab your attention? I’m not some crazy who’s advocating the death of democracy by the way, but I do have an interesting question to pose today. Interesting to me at least…

Given that there is a race to the bottom underway around the world with many countries seeking to devalue their currencies via extraordinary (and seemingly irreversible) money printing, I wonder whether we are reaching an inflection point of economic revolution and thus political / social upheaval?

How could such a question relate in any way to BSS I hear you ask?

Well, the possible economic inflection point by nature will produce a new paradigm. Borderless/stateless electronic money formats like BitCoin could be that new paradigm. Still not seeing the tie-in with BSS?

Now let’s say paper-money is replaced by electronic money after the inflection and mobile technologies are the mechanism for transferring funds (by NFC transactions perhaps), then CSPs with mobile licenses enter the equation in a big way.

CSPs have vast, trusting subscriber bases and a history of collaboration on worldwide standards (read ITU, etc), so CSPs could become the vehicle for global uptake of electronic funds transfers. They already are in remote parts of Africa afterall.

Perhaps it could even be based on a futures model, bartering something tangible like future calls/Mb of CSP service rather than placing your faith in the next organisation’s variation on ether-coins.

Now are you starting to see a link with global carrier BSS? Or am I still drawing too long a bow?? 🙂

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