Context sensitive help (CSH)

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
Galileo Galilei

When you’re a network operator who is following a workflow to do a particular task, it’s quite likely that you’ll use one or more tools in a suite that includes OSS, BSS, NMS, EMS and more.

Of the workflows / tasks that you do, many will be done on a regular basis so you’ll know these intimately, whilst others will be rare or even new. Chances are that you might not remember the exact process to follow or recall which fields to populate within your operational tools whilst completing the rarer of your activities.

How many of your OSS, BSS, NMS, EMS and other tools have in-built help that provides context to the specific workflow and data that you’re working with? Not many I suspect.

It would be even less common for your organisation to have mechanisms to help provide you with Context Sensitive Help (CSH) through the end-to-end process using multiple operational tools.

But help is at hand. Such tools do already exist. It’s just that they’re not perceived as being OSS because they have relevance to any industry that uses software to assist with the processing of complex workflows or decision trees.

If you think that highly contextual help will assist your network operations, contact centre, pre-sales or other teams to complete their tasks more consistently, then please leave me a message and I’ll point you towards what’s currently available on the market.

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