Do we need more dummies working on our OSS?

I was reading an article by Chris Campbell that states, “In his book How to Rule the World, Brian J. Ford reveals the relationship between sophistication and complexity; what he calls “obscurantism.” In short, the more sophisticated the problem-solver, the more complex (and costly) the solution.

Does that resonate with you in the world of OSS/BSS? Is it because we have so many unbelievably clever, sophisticated people working on them that they are so complex (and costly)??

Do we actually need more stupid, unsophisticated people (like me) to be asking the stupid questions and coming up with the simple solutions to problems?? Do we need to intentionally apply the dummy-lens??

Sadly, with so much mental horsepower spread across the industry, the dummy-lens is probably shouted down in most instances (in favour of the sophisticated / clever solutions… that turn out to be complex and costly). Check out this article about what impact complexity has on the triple constraint of project management.

I’d love to get your thoughts.

Even better than that, I’d love to hear any “dummy lens” ideas you have that must be considered right away!!

Drop us a note in the comment section below.

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