New Report – Request for OSS/BSS Innovations

Over the next couple of months we’re planning to create a very visual report that highlights the 25 Most Exciting Innovations in OSS/BSS for 2022, ready for release in early Jan.

It will include a few succinct paragraphs about each innovation and the problem/s it solves.

Would you like to nominate any of your own innovations or the innovations of others that we simply must consider, either:

  • Officially (ie provide customised text & imagery) or
  • Unofficially (ie point us to relevant online material)?

We’re looking forward to hearing whether this is of interest to you and more specifically, hearing about the exciting things you’ve been working on recently.

A couple of other important notes:

  1. When we talk about innovations in OSS/BSS, we’re actually talking about anything that helps to operationalise a network and/or get customers onto it. That opens up the discussion to technologies like AR/VR, AI, etc, etc
  2. There’s no fee for nomination or entry. It’s just something we’re doing for the industry

Please leave us a message via the form or email address below.

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