Gamified Learning (part 2)

They say “the house always wins.” And it’s true – games always favour their maker. If you’re not playing a part in designing the game you’re playing, you’re probably being played..”
Dr Jason Fox.

Following a recent blog entitled Gamified Learning, a friend and colleague pointed me towards the work of Dr Jason Fox, someone with far more expertise on the subject matter than me. Thanks Venki!

In the video on his homepage, he indicates the following as being key benefits of gamifying the learning process:

  • Goal driven
  • Challenge intense
  • Feedback rich
  • Experience
  • Progress is key

Clearly, these are important points for consideration when developing your OSS learning experience as I described in my earlier blog.

However, Dr Fox takes it a step further by using gamification concepts not just as a learning mechanism but as a means of motivating people to unlock epic progress.

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