Globe Telecom partners with Openet

Globe Telecom partners with Openet for rapid digital service launch, monetisation and customer engagement.

Openet announced that it has entered into a partnership with Globe Telecom to provide its Digital Business Platform to the Philippines- based operator. Globe has chosen Openet’s Digital Business Platform to provide monetization and customer engagement for all data services. Openet’s Digital Business Platform will provide a key building block for the customer engagement strategy of Globe which aims to provide flexible and personalized offers to its over 60 million mobile customers and its rapidly growing fixed line broadband customer base.

Openet’s Digital Business Platform will provide an adjunct charging capability to the existing legacy, voice & sms centric BSS. This approach will help Globe fast track its digital transformation as it will not only provide fast implementation timescales, but also provide Globe with the capability to quickly launch a wide variety of new data and content service offerings to its customers.

With Openet’s platform, Globe will now be capable of extending the variety and frequency of flexible and personalized offerings to its subscribers. This move to personalization forms a key strand in the Globe digital strategy in providing enhanced experiences for its customers digital journeys.

“Users in the Philippines have consistently exhibited intense social media usage and engagement. In addition, Globe has seen dramatic smartphone adoption, take up of data plans, and exponential growth in mobile data, to the point that we now carry two thirds of consumer mobile internet. With this new platform, we can be more creative in developing and monetizing new services and offers, even as we make personalization a key differentiator of our services. Our partnership with Openet will give us the speed and agility that we need to grow our business to compete and win in the new digital market,” said Globe Chief Technology and Information Officer Gil B. Genio.

The quick deployment of the virtualized Openet Digital Business Platform means that Globe can solve business challenges and drive new revenues within days or weeks of deployment, in contrast to the multi-month cycle associated with traditional service development programs.

“Globe, like so many other highly regarded operators, is going through a period of digital transformation,” said Paul Saunders, VP Sales at Openet. “This change is being driven by the need to better compete in a new digital services market and deliver a better customer experience which will drive new revenues. Globe needed proven expertise from us to help it navigate this journey and maximize all the benefits it delivers. Our futureproof approach and technology will ensure Globe continues to be regarded as an innovative pioneer in the global marketplace and remain one step ahead of the competition.”

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