Huawei launches OSS-as-a-Service

Huawei launches OSS-as-a-Service to unleash full value of OSS.

Huawei has launched its new service-driven offering – OSS-as-a-Service. OSS-as-a-Service is designed to maximize return-on-investment and operation efficiency, increase service agility and unleash the full value of Operation Support System (OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

OSS-as-a-Service is a mix of business & delivery models for OSS capabilities in a Multi-Year Service Relationship. CSPs can find OSS-as-a-Service appealing because:

It is Service-Driven with Use Cases for the best value-aligned rather than function-aligned.

It adapts centralized operation and governance for the best synergy potential rather than isolated operations

It comes with global practices and the operations processes that work with the Software.

It shares the value-add of greatest architectural alignment among hardware, the software packages, and 3rd party software that reduce the CSP’s IT pressure on platform maintenance.

OSS-as-a-Service has already been offered to large telecom groups around the world. One leading telecom group with 20+ OpCos has selected the OSS-as-a-Service in Service & Network Performance for all OpCos across its Middle East and Africa markets. In this As-a-Service offer, Huawei has transformed the customer’s legacy systems into a centralized private OSS cloud managed by Huawei along with comprehensive global practices and use cases. OSS-as-a-service helps this customer improve efficiency and service quality, and reduce capital and operations expenditure while driving a very fast transformation completed within 12 months.

Creating a distinct customer experience is a critical goal for CSPs, where success hinges on their ability to improve network performance quality, enlist the best partners and deliver on customer satisfaction. The OSS-as-a-Service model fits perfectly in OSS’ transformation to the Next Generation OSS – Infrastructure Enabling System (IES) particularly for new skills, new processes and new OSS features to remove the transformation inhibitors of CSPs in those areas. When CSPs move toward agile service provisioning and operations, especially in light of the need to ensure service quality and security end-to-end for Digitalization ready, OSS-as-a-Service can accelerate adoption of the changes.

“Huawei’s OSS-as-a-service not only helps CSPs to realize immediate benefits of operational efficiency and CAPEX/OPEX reduction, but also provides a strong foundation for CSPs to stay competitive and relevant in the digital economy.” said Anil Rao

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