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Although the industry does not yet fully appreciate the challenges and costs of operating in a multi-cloud environment, minimizing integration and operating costs will be a critical success factor. The emergence of an industry standard reference architecture to simplify multi-cloud service management is a priority for the TM Forum and we congratulate Microsoft for their initiative in producing this paper as a strong contribution to meeting industry needs.”
Keith Willetts
, Chairman TM Forum

As a leader in the OSS industry, TM Forum is developing the Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution to handle converged services that:

  • Use a variety of network infrastructures, both telecom and IT
  • Are customized for small target markets, including the market of one, and
  • Are composed of individual service elements that may be acquired from or exposed to third parties

The first challenge for some of the traditional OSS vendor products is that their customers networks often have parts of a circuit/service that are off-net and parts that are on-net. Taking this a step further, if the OSS has automated design tools then it needs to be able to provide relative weightings to the available network paths (eg most CSPs would prefer to maximise the use of on-net resources rather than using leased lines from a third-party provider).

The next challenge is building value-added services that are derived from one or many cloud services from third-party providers. This may be a challenge, but it potentially offers a much faster time to market for the incumbent CSPs and allows a CSP to provide services to their customers that have been innovated elsewhere.

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