My new OSS book is nearly ready for publishing

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”
Vera Nazarian

After lots of writing and refining, my book, which is dedicated to OSS implementations, is almost finished. It’s based around 22 commonly asked questions, particularly by readers who are relatively new to OSS. It also allows readers with a particular question in mind to go straight to the relevant question / section. It’s my own version of a choose-your-own-adventure book.

The common questions are:

  1. What is an OSS exactly?
  2. What is the History of OSS and Related Standards?
  3. What are Your Common OSS Terminologies?
  4. Why are OSS Naming Conventions so Important?
  5. Where do You Start When Planning an OSS/BSS Project?
  6. Why is OSS Change Management Important?
  7. Should You Perform an OSS Impact Analysis?
  8. How do You Capture OSS Requirements?
  9. How do You Define Your Organisation’s OSS Roadmap?
  10. How do You Prepare a Compelling OSS Business Case?
  11. How do You Select an OSS Vendor / Integrator?
  12. What Insights can Help Your OSS Negotiation Strategies?
  13. Who should be in Your OSS Implementation Team?
  14. What are Your Biggest Risks and how do You Manage Them?
  15. How do You Plan to Conduct OSS Testing?
  16. How do You Define and Refine Business Processes?
  17. What do You Need to Know about Data Collection and Reporting?
  18. How Should You Kick Off an OSS Project?
  19. How do You Coordinate a Vendor-Led Implementation?
  20. What Post Project Operations Issues Should You Consider?
  21. What Training Should You Take?
  22. What is the Future for OSS?

So, what are the other big questions that I’m overlooking?

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