OSS broadens its net – part 5

Competitiveness demands flexibility, choice and openness
David Cameron

Over the last four days, we’ve covered a number of aspects of introducing OSS into non-traditional customers. There is one major risk that awaits the vendor that broadens its customer net though. Whilst there are similarities at a node-arc-service model across many industries, there are also industry-specific challenges that await.

For example, in the CSP industry, diverse path circuit design generally connects point A with point B via two diverse routes, possibly as a single “circuit”. However, in the electricity industry, diverse path design usually takes the form of point A connecting separately to sub-station B and sub-station C. This means that there are at least two comms circuits required to support a single electrical circuit with diversity.

Every customer has its own intricacies and often it will require an industry SME (Subject Matter Expert) to help translate requirements into a data model that fits the capability of the vendor’s OSS.

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