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You already have zero privacy. Get over it.
Scott G. McNealy
, CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc, stated back in 1999 believe it or not! Note that I’m not being flippant about privacy, but please read on. 🙂

Today’s blog is more of an open question to you dear readers, which follows on from the trailing sentence in “The Trillion-Dollar Treasure Chest“:

Are you aware of any telcos that have market research business units that create and sell de-personalised data sets from conducting research on the vast oceans of data they accumulate with their OSS??

It seems like an obvious new revenue source but I haven’t heard of any telcos doing it yet. Naturally there would need to be very tight controls on privacy and associated granularity of any exposed data but am I missing something obvious that would prevent the telcos from doing something like this?

Telcos are generally held in high regard from the perspective of protecting the privacy of their customers’s information. Is there any reason they couldn’t become a trusted purveyor of communications data in the same way that Bureaus of Statistics are trusted to collect and distribute census and other demographic++ data?

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