The Trillion-Dollar Treasure Chest

Integrated operators are sitting on a veritable gold mine. Monetizing passive assets could unlock billions of dollars—enough to wipe out their [traditional telcos’s] entire debt.”
Liu, Garg and Bhagat
in this article on

I really recommend taking a close look at the link above. Being an OSS-nerd, this report takes me to a different perspective on ways that traditional telcos can ease the CAPEX pressures (and debt burden) that we discussed in “The CAPEX dichotomy.”

The ATKearney report takes the perspective of how Telco CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) can profit from what Liu, Garg and Bhagat call “The Trillion-Dollar Treasure Chest.” They discuss, “vast variety of assets, including real estate (land and buildings across telephone exchanges, data centers, satellite stations, offices, warehouses, and depots), passive telecom equipment (wireless towers, fixed-line ducts, and conduits), active telecom equipment, and metals such as copper cabling.”

Could that injection of capital help fund the massive investments looming for telcos in building virtualised network platforms and transitioning to DSP business models?

Have you ever spoken with your CFO to determine what assets your OSS manages (and can provide reports on) that can contribute to your financial objectives?

Interestingly, I think Liu, Garg and Bhagat have overlooked a telco asset class that will become increasingly important and valuable into the future – de-personalised data and analytics.

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  1. Hi Roland,
    Thanks for pointing me to the Windstream REIT. I wasn’t aware of it, but I’ll definitely take a closer look to see what part OSS will / could play.

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