Total eclipse of the start-up

Total eclipse of the start-up.

Did you notice that I was channeling Bonnie Tyler in the title there? No? No matter…

The concept in the diagram above is courtesy of Roger Gibson (yes, I made you [more] famous Roger). Obviously, it is showing that business models and technology are increasingly overlapping. This simple diagram also shows why the business/technology eclipse can only increase the relevance of OSS (in some shape or form).

As the world goes digital, there is more reliance on technology, particularly communications-based technology, as an integral part of most business models. Sure, there are still bricks-and-mortar businesses out there, but even they are tending to become more dependent on communications technology.

You’ve already joined the dots on this one haven’t you? The greater the reliance on technology, the more essential it becomes as a service and therefore the greater interest an organisation has in monitoring and managing it.

Whilst a digital start-up’s network and comms is nowhere near as sophisticated as a tier-1 service provider, it makes sense that its OSS looks nothing like what we might tend to perceive an OSS to be. Herein lies an opportunity for OSS builders – to service the long tail of possible OSS customers rather than the precious few service providers, big enterprise, et al that the traditional OSS market services.

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