Comptel and Tecnotree partner

Comptel and Tecnotree Partner to Manage the Delivery of Complex, Triple-Play Orders and Improve the Customer Experience.

Comptel Corporation and Tecnotree Corporation announced that they have partnered to help communications service providers (CSPs) overcome the challenges of creating and delivering complex, triple-play orders that include mobile, fixed broadband and television services.

At Mobile World Congress, the companies will offer a joint solution demonstration, which is a pre-integration between Comptel Order Management and Tecnotree Agility Unified Product Catalogue, to show operators how they can more easily manage the lifecycle of individual services and make better business decisions—all to optimise the customer experience.

Key Facts

•Comptel Order Management is a key component of the Comptel Fulfillment platform, which supports more than 130 operators around the world and runs on networks with more than 800 million customers. It automates the management of complex customer orders and turns them into delivered services. Comptel’s flexible, yet robust approach helps CSPs reduce manual errors, minimise operational costs, streamline fulfillment processes and support service innovations.
•Tecnotree Unified Product Catalogue is a business process tool for managing the lifecycle of targeted convergent offerings. With functionality including bundle creation, pricing and dynamic recommendations for selected customer segments, and business reporting to follow up on commercial success, CSPs’ business management can rapidly adjust the customer offering on-demand. The provided 360-degree view to all products and services, coupled with rules-based control over possible offering combinations, can result in significant business benefits such as an increase in the average revenue per user (ARPU).

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