Optimists are the best innovators

[Guy] Kawasaki concluded by saying that skeptics aren’t the best innovators. Optimists are. In order ignite a paradigm change, you have to be able to see something valuable, unique and something that doesn’t yet exist and make it happen.
Comptel believes Kawaski’s innovative mindset is also important in the context of the telecommunications industry. Now, more than ever, communications service providers (CSPs) should find new ways to provide value for customers. Most CSPs are engaged in a price war, but are doing little else to really meet the customer’s needs. These days, though, true value means giving customer what they want on a personal level across every touchpoint. That’s because value is no longer about the lowest price, it’s about offering customers something that meets their needs at that exact moment.
That doesn’t just mean implementing new technology that can help modernise operations. It means working on a new culture that bridges silos, leverages Big Data and, above all, creates an unforgettable customer experience by offering value that empowers customers like never before.

Max Nyman
on the Comptel blog.

Have you ever noticed that the Telco industry has a lot of skeptics in its engineering ranks? There are so many tales of woe and a mind-boggling series of obstacles to be overcome aren’t there? I suspect you’ve probably met some who are downright depressing in their belief that it’s all too hard?

These talented engineers tend to find roles within CSPs for which they’re perfectly adapted. Operational roles where attention to detail, process refinement, quality improvement and the general ability to root out the obscure problems that may cause future chaos. They have served the industry well over many years, providing networks of high reliability.

However, the industry also needs their polar opposite more than ever before. They need the optimist, the innovator, the creator. Max’s blog also cites another Kawasaki insight via way of Steve Jobs, “A market full of similar products and services will drive the whole market to price wars and diminishing returns. Always aim to create something that has unique value – like the iPod + iTunes combination or a connected car.”

The Telco industry and the OSS industry specifically needs optimists.

If you’re about to embark on an OSS roadmap or project initiatives, does your organisation or project team have thought leaders with broad industry insights? Or does your team draw on the battle-hardened, inward-facing expertise of your own operational OSS teams? Where do you look to find optimistic, outward-facing connectors and creatives that can inject unique value and/or a paradigm change into your next-generation OSS?

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