Sharing a chat from the Zero-Touch Telecom show

Are you as fascinated with automation, AIOps, zero-touch networking, autonomous networking and the like? If so, you might like to listen in on a chat I had with Geoff Hollingworth of Rakuten Symphony on the “Zero-Touch Telecom Show” In it, we talked about some of the concepts from recent content here on PAOSS including: The […]

012 – Building an OSS/BSS from Scratch for a Mid-Market Telco with Steven White

While it’s the tier-1 telco OSS/BSS that get all the attention, it’s actually the mid-market that makes up the largest number of OSS/BSS by customer count (in most deregulated telco markets). The mid-market consists of Tier 2/3 telcos and ISPs with subscriber counts measured in the thousands rather than hundreds of thousands or millions. However, […]

011 – Developing a Market for your OSS/BSS with Steve Hateley

There are just so many vendors in the OSS/BSS market (our vendor directory has over 400 listings – that it can be incredibly challenging to differentiate one product or vendor from the next. OSS/BSS customers may only know of a handful of possible solutions, but there are plenty of others out there. Cutting through […]

009 – Managing OSS/BSS Transformation at a Mid-Tier Telco with Steven Cocchiarella

Much of the focus within OSS/BSS centres around the big-budget projects being done by the Tier-1 telcos. They get attention because there are lots of people involved, lots of OSS horsepower, with big, ambitious goals. But there’s another part of the industry that doesn’t tend to get so much public recognition – the mid-market telcos […]

008 – Making OSS Mega Projects Happen with Ashley Neale

While it might sometimes feel like OSS mega projects just happen, there’s usually a lot that must first play out up-stream, long before us technologists get the chance to design and build. First someone must spawn the idea, then be able to persuade a bunch of other people, exciting them with the possibilities of the […]

007 – Building Products to Solve Fundamental OSS Problems with Jay Fenton

Jay Fenton is the Founder and CEO of Savvi, makers of innovative and highly performant OSS/BSS components that redefine the state of the art. Savvi’s portfolio notably includes SNMP, Streaming Telemetry, Netflow and IoT collectors each of which operate in the 10s of millions of events per second on a single server, solving collection problems […]

006 – A Career of Innovation in OSS with Francis Haysom

Francis Haysom is a Principal Analyst for Appledore Research Group, a global research and consulting firm specialising in the telecommunication and software markets with a particular focus on OSS/BSS. In this episode, Francis takes us on a ride through his career leading OSS/BSS innovation across the last three decades with iconic companies such as Convergys, […]

005 – Making Standardised Open-Source a Strategy for OSS with Vance Shipley

Vance Shipley is the CEO and Founder of SigScale. SigScale is a provider of standardised, open-source, cloud-native OSS/BSS tools, including flagship product, OCS (Online Charging System). In this episode, Vance takes us on a fascinating journey through a career that started three decades ago with his first role as a high-tech lumberjack through to his […]

Launch of The Passionate About OSS Podcast

We’re excited to announce the Launch of The Passionate About OSS Podcast. The first batch of five episodes can be found here, with new episodes to be released here on a weekly basis: The Passionate About OSS Podcast The aim of the show is to shine a light on the many brilliant people who work […]

004 – An Analyst’s Perspective on the OSS Industry with James Crawshaw

James Crawshaw is a Principal Analyst with Omdia, one of the world’s top-three technology analysis agencies. James specialises in analysis of OSS, telecommunications and IT industries, which means he spends more time researching OSS technologies and firms than almost anyone on the planet. In this episode, James provides insights into what’s currently trending in OSS, […]

003 – Hints on Finding a Role in the OSS/BSS Industry with Michael Jones

Michael Jones is a Practice Principal at Analytica Resources, a recruitment role that sees him connecting employers and employees. Analytica is a niche agency that specialises in BSS and OSS placements. This provides Michael with an insider’s perspective on the successful techniques that applicants use to find their first, or next, job in the OSS […]